You are doing a good job

Mrs. Hari Chandana D, IAS District Collector, Narayanpet District, Telangana

ProGame is smooth, and because it is block-based programming, it was quick and very easy for me and for students also to learn.

Volunteer Pan India NGO

Very promising initiative, especially for kids who do not have access to tech.

City Director Teach For India

The students did the beginner, intermediate and advanced self-help activities provided in the ProGame App by themselves. They understood easily what each block provided in the Kit is meant to do.

Volunteer Pan India NGO

The trainers and the students are very excited about this initiative.

Project Manager Pan India NGO

The program is being received very well by students and volunteers.

Project Manager Pan India NGO

Your creation is innovative. May God bless this team🙏

Oommeen Joseph Fellow, Teach For India

This very useful kit for those who can't afford the computers and laptops . These students can easily practice their skill with this kit and further relate with other coding languages .

Akhilesh Fellow, Teach for India

Sessions are being well received by students and volunteers.

CSR Volunteer Global MNC