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Awards Won

Selected as an MIT Solver Team

Winner of ElevatED challenge

The AI for Humanity Prize by McGovern Foundation

Innovation for Women Prize by Vodafone Americas Foundation

The GSR Prize by GSR

Hottest TEN STARTUPS and Best Software Product by HYSEA

Best Indian Social Enterprise by AFI

What people are saying about ProGame

Mrs. Hari Chandana D, IAS (District Collector, Narayanpet District, Telangana)

You are doing a good job

Volunteer, Pan India NGO

ProGame is smooth, and because it is block-based programming, it was quick and very easy for me and for students also to learn.

City Director, Teach For India

Very promising initiative, especially for kids who do not have access to tech.

Volunteer, Pan India NGO

The students did the beginner, intermediate and advanced self-help activities provided in the ProGame App by themselves. They understood easily what each block provided in the Kit is meant to do.

Program Manager, Pan India NGO

The trainers and the students are very excited about this initiative.

Project Manager, Pan India NGO

The program is being received very well by students and volunteers.

CSR Volunteer, Global MNC

Sessions are being well received by students and volunteers.

Oommen Joseph, Fellow, Teach For India

Your creation is innovative. May God bless this team ?


This is the best coding app, I have never seen anything like this. It improves children’s coding and logical thinking skills.

Annapurna Jodi (Teacher, KGBV, Telangana)

It is very nice and easy to learn coding without a computer. ProGame is very simple and easy to learn.

Ramakrishna Tatipelly (Teacher, Government School, Telangana)

It is a very good system to learn coding and logical thinking. It is very useful for students in rural areas for their future prospects.

Abhi Sree (Teacher, KGBV, Telangana)

It is a very useful program. It improves logical and critical thinking skills among children.

Krishnaveni Pulla (Teacher, KGBV, Telangana)

ProGame is very easy for students and teachers to learn coding. Without using laptops and computers, we are able to code easily.

Suneel Kumar Siddabattula

This is a very friendly app. It is very easy to code using ProGame. ProGame helps in improving children’s creative thinking and logical thinking skills. This is a self-learning app and it is easy to program using ProGame.

Chandu Sai (Parent)

Highly recommended for kids who want to learn coding. I purchased this ProGame Kit instead of buying a random toy for my kid. My kid and I are both happy now. He is happy because he is loving the activities in ProGame. I am happy because he is learning as well as enjoying it.

T. Tulasi (Teacher – KGBV, Telangana)

Excellent, easy, and interesting coding program for rural students where laptops are not available. ProGame helps children develop technical knowledge and logical thinking.

Prakki Veera Brahmanandam (Teacher, ZPSS, Andhra Pradesh)

Great experience using this App. ProGame is very useful for children. They are enjoying learning to code with ProGame. The App is very informative and simple for children to use.

Dhaval Prakash Gupta (Parent)

One of the best apps available for kids to learn to code.

Deepthi Gouru (Parent)

One of the best app in the recent days - a must try for kids.

Manisha Sagar (Student, KGBV, Telangana)

I am a student from K.G.B.V Krishna. We are learning a lot in this programme. We never expected to learn coding when computers are not available. We really appreciate this program which is helping us to learn coding without computers. I am learning to code using ProGame.

Neelakantha (Teacher and District Coordinator, APCOST, AP)

ProGame is so much fun. It encourages children to be curious and helps students learn critical thinking and creative thinking. ProGame Kit is designed to help students learn coding and also other 21st century skills.

Abid Ali (DEO Office, KB Asifabad, Telangana)

This is a good program for students from rural areas to learn coding skills. Students can easily learn using ProGame.

K. Surya Teja Varma (Student)

ProGame App is super. It helps me learn coding. I cannot express in words how much I love ProGame. If you want coding, then this app is the best for you.


I like it - Nikon Espiritu


#Coding champs of Asifabad!The term coding was completely new to Telangana’s Asifabad until Next Skills 360 took an initiative to introduce this term to the little champs of #Asifabad! Just six days of workshop in February bought a major impact. The children, who were not aware of coding started teaching about the importance to their classmates..


We're honored to support Next Skills 360, one of the recipients of the GSR prize from Solve - MIT, as they partner with Teach For India to provide ProGame Kits – first-of-its-kind kits allowing children to learn to program without a computer – for workshops being run in the country. #computerprogramming #girlsinstem


We're so excited to award $150K to 4 tech-based solutions selected at Solve - MIT's Challenge Finals! We're proud to support SafetyNet Technologies, Immersed Games, Next Skills 360, or & hiveonline ApS’s work in #education, poverty alleviation & #sustainability

Solve – MIT

Congratulations to the winners of SolveMIT's Community Award! ? Your votes helped each of these teams win $2,000 to fund their solutions. Somo, Next Skills 360, Kemet Group , Enactus Aryabhatta, Vngle, One Canoe Project - Navigating Changing Tides 

Solve – MIT

Let’s give it up to Next Skills 360 and Rocket Learning! In a world where many schools still operate without computers, ProGame - Coding WITHOUT Computers! has created a solution: a low-cost paper computer that gives every student the opportunity to learn how to code..

Solve – MIT (contd..)

..Rocket Learning is using its platform to build digital communities of parents and teachers to support early and foundational learning for young children.

MeitY Startup Hub

MeitY Startup Hub & Dell Technologies launched the ‘ElevatED’ challenge seeking solutions to address the diverse educational challenges Ed-tech startups- Giftolexia Solution Pvt Ltd Next Skills 360 Thinkerbell Labs were declared winners for their innovative solutions..

Sandeep Angara

Startup Story of Next Skills 360 Interview with Sri Sowjanya Suraj Co-Founder, Next Skills 360 from page 19 of Suraj Meiyur

Dell Technologies India

The ProGame Kit designed by Next Skill, enables students to self-learn. It is a cost-effective and interactive gamification that helps students learn coding through conceptual activities. @surajmeiyur #TheStartupEdge

MeitY Startup Hub

MSH & @DellTechIndia  launched the ‘ElevatED’ challenge seeking solutions to address the diverse educational challenges|Ed-tech startups- Giftolexia Solution Pvt Ltd;Next Skills 360; Thinkerbell Labs were declared winners for their innovative solutions|#TheStartupEdge|@JeetKVijay


Congratulations to the winners of @SolveMIT 's Community Award! ? Your votes helped each of these teams win $2,000 to fund their solutions. @somo_org @NextSkills360Kemet Modular Medication Manufacturing @EAryabhatta @vnglestories @mccaguam

Patrick J McGovern Foundation

We need tech-driven solutions that ensure equity and improve quality of life ? That's why we partnered with @SolveMIT  to award up to $200K in funding to 2021 Solver teams @DigiDem@NextSkills360, and @wearehiveonline, and @IrthApp ! Congrats Solvers!


We're so excited to award $150K to 4 tech-based solutions selected at @SolveMIT s Solve Challenge Finals! We're proud to support @SNTechUK@TytoOnline@NextSkills360, & @wearehiveonline’s work in #education, poverty alleviation & #sustainability


Each box contains Coding Blocks, Colourful cartoon characters (Sprites) and background images (Backdrops), ProGame Gaming Boards, Activity Book with step-by-step instructions, 60 Explainer Videos, License Key for Android App, Leaderboards, and Unlimited FUN!

You will receive an email once you place the order. Your box will reach you within 7 business days of creating your order.

Every ProGame Box includes a simple and easy-to-understand instructions sheet. Also, a demo video on our website and within the Android App clearly provides instructions on how to use ProGame. Further, every activity comes with an explainer video for the child to easily understand what he or she is supposed to do within the Activity and enables seamless learning.

ProGame has been designed to be a self-learning Toy. Activity sheets that provide step-by-step instructions also contain links to explainer videos that will enable the child to take baby steps into the world of coding!

With minimum supervision, ProGameBox can be used by a child as young as 7. Since age is not a barrier for learning, any adult interested in learning to code can use the ProGame Box.

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App Available on Android Phones Only!