As defined by UNICEF, Life Skills are defined as psychosocial abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

1. Self-Awareness 2. Empathy 3. Effective Communication 4. Interpersonal Relationship 5. Critical Thinking 6. Creative Thinking 7. Problem-Solving 8. Decision Making 9. Coping with Emotions 10. Coping with Stress

Building further on UNICEF’s definition of Life Skills, we have developed a comprehensive and exhaustive curriculum supplement that can be introduced across all classes from PP 1 to Class XII. These books, as part of our Life Skills 360 product, include over 40 well-researched aspects such as Awareness about Abuse, Peer Pressure, Competition at School, Time Management and such other important topics.

In the form of Story and Activity based content, these 40+ Life Skills are imparted to students and an incremental awareness is created amongst them. Each class book has no more than 10 skills for a given academic year making it easier for the students to grasp and develop on their newly acquired skills.

Life Skills 360 can be implemented within any School or College irrespective of the syllabus followed within the institute.


Topics chosen within Life Skills 360 are hugely relevant and age-appropriate for students. Life Skills 360 is significant especially to the student community because these skills equip them in handling different types of challenging situations in day-to-day life and prepare them for the future.

The entire curriculum is designed to impart specific skills to specific age groups of students. Each of the students shall carry a copy of the book to the classroom and the teachers too shall have a separate edition to refer to before taking up a session. Each topic within the Teacher’s edition shall provide an introduction to the topic, a few opening questions to get the session going and other useful instructional material arranged in a simple and easy-to-understand way.


Yes, Life Skills can be of immense help to your child. It helps develop self-confidence and improves communication skills. These skills help them realize their full potential.

As a Parent, you already play a crucial and significant role in shaping the personality of your child. Life Skills 360 attempts to fill gaps as and where required. It helps kids acquire critical skills and enable them to face challenges in Life. In order to improve the product on a year-on-year basis, it would help tremendously if you could provide your valuable feedback from time-to-time. Your appreciation will motivate us to do much more in this field and any suggestions for improvement will help us build a much more robust product. Please use the Feedback form or the Forums section on our website


Yes and No. Yes, one more period will be allocated to your schedule and No, it will NOT be in your every day schedule.

We recommend spreading these 10 topics across 8-9 months of the academic calendar, which effectively means one session a month.

As students, you can expect a whole bunch of jaw-dropping facts, gripping stories, interesting and engaging activities in each of these sessions. Remember, it is up to each of you to make these sessions that much more fun and useful.

No, there will not be any separate assessments. The objective of Life Skills 360 is to equip you with skills that can help you achieve your goals and help you succeed in Life.

Principals and Academic Directors

Teachers are always keen to impart important and useful things to their students. In the Life Skills domain, it gets a little overwhelming even to the best of teachers to assimilate information and present it to students.

Life Skills 360 aids Teachers by arranging topics according to their relevance and provides material, information and know-how to impart these crucial and important skills to their students, effortlessly.

By providing a Teacher’s Edition for each class, it helps them concentrate on the Skill to be imparted rather than worrying about the preparatory work for the session. Simple and easy-to-understand language is used to enable Teachers in providing these Skills to their students.

It is an easy and efficient process to get Life Skills 360 implemented in your School or College.

1) You can send us an enquiry email to Lifeskills360@iadore.in
2) You can also call or send us a WhatsApp message to our Customer Care number which is +91 90005 56478.
3) You may also choose to use the Contact Us page on our website

Our Support team shall return your enquiry and within no time, your institute can implement Life Skills 360.