Science Fair, ITDA, Utnoor

AHS Wankidi and AHS Velgi showcased their exceptional coding projects at the prestigious ITDA Utnoor Science Fair. Their dedication and passion for coding were evident in the innovative projects they presented.

The presence of esteemed dignitaries added to the grandeur of the event. Sri. A. Indrakaran Reddy Garu, the Minister of Endowments and Law of Telangana, graced the occasion and was impressed by the student’s expertise and coding prowess. The Minister acknowledged the impact of the ProGame project in nurturing student’s coding skills and preparing them for a digital future.

ITDA PO Sri. Varun Reddy Karnati Garu, who played a pivotal role in organising the Science Fair appreciated the student’s hard work and accomplishments. Their projects stood as testamen to the transformative power of ProGame and the dedication of the students and teachers involved. 

The ITDA UTNOOR Science Fair provided a platform for the students to showcase their talents, exchange ideas, and receive recognition for their achievements. It was an inspiring moment for all, emphasizing the importance of integrating coding and technology into education to foster innovation and creativity among students.