3 Month Subscription

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ProGame – Learn Coding in a FUN and ENGAGING Manner!

ProGame is a fun, educational programming board game played in two steps:

Step 1: The young learner selects an activity card and creates his/her program by placing the coding blocks provided in the right order.

Step 2: Once the coding blocks are arranged as a program, the child scans the program using the ProGame App installed on an Android phone to see the output of the program visually.

Young users can thus create their unique and fun programs and see the output of their program visually displayed on the Android phone. ProGame can be played individually. Young learners can create programs using the activity cards provided within the subscription boxes or create their own games.

ProGame 3 Month Subscription:

The following themes are covered in the  3 Month subscription:

  1. Toons Time
  2. Art Ninjas
  3. Movers and Shakers

With a Subscription Box, children can:

  1. Create programs using cardboard coding blocks and ProGame Android Mobile App
  2. Screen-less tool for coding practice and play. Arrange the coding blocks as a program, and scan them using ProGame Mobile App to see your program in motion.
  3. Young Users can create their own games and can share them with family and friends.
  4. Unique, theme-based monthly subscription boxes
  5. Create Games, Quizzes, Animations – Unlimited Creativity and Fun guaranteed!
  6. An excellent STEM learning tool that boosts creativity, logical thinking, and critical thinking in Young Users

What’s Included in every Monthly Subscription Box?

  1. ColourfulCartoon Characters (Sprites) and Background images (Backdrops)
  2. Coding Blocks
  3. ProGame Gaming Boards
  4. 20 Activity Cards with step-by-step instructions
  5. Explainer Video Tutorials
  6. License key for Android App
  7. Surprises Gift!!!
  8. Leader boards
  9. Unlimited FUN!

Required Technology:

Android Device – Android: version 6.0 or higher, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 2 MP back camera with autofocus. Currently, only Android phones with the above specification are supported. ProGame for iOS is under-development and will be launched soon!


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