Classroom Edition
Classroom Edition

Introduction to ProGame - Classroom Edition

It is estimated that over 87% of schools in India do not have Computers. Moreover, such unavailability of computers in government, low and mid-income schools makes it very difficult for students to learn computational skills. In high-income private schools, the student-computer ratio is high. End Result – Computer Skill Development at School level is struggling.

Our Solution, ProGame, is based on a popular programming tool called Scratch. Our invention, a patent for which has been filed for, is primarily a kit containing cardboard blocks – a paper computer that costs as little as a school textbook. It enables students to learn to program WITHOUT a computer. Optionally, but an integral part of the invention, is the use of a mobile device to augment the learning process. Here, the Mobile phone is not needed for all the students in a classroom. The trainer can use his or her mobile to help the students in their learning process. The App uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning and AI techniques to detect images, text and handwriting to display the output to the students.

Student Version

✓ ProGame Board Kit – This kit contains a set of colorful images, sprites, backgrounds and blocks that can be separated easily from the board. An area to place the blocks and images is also provided to enable students to use the game in a fun and intuitive manner.

✓ Student App – A license key to the Student version of the App is included which can be used by the student if he or she wishes to pursue it at home.

✓ Book – This book contains a detailed description of Introduction to Computers and Internet, Basics of Algorithms, Basics of Programming Language, Introduction to Scratch and ProGame, and Details of ProGame.

Teacher Version

✓ Teacher App – A license key to the Teacher version of the App is included which can be used by the Teacher in the Classroom.

✓ Question Bank – Massive Knowledge base of Questions and Answers for Teachers’ immediate reference.

The True Joy of Learning​

When was the last time you saw a child get enthused while learning a Maths or a Science topic, for that matter any subject, any topic? Watch the video to see what we are referring to. Coding can generate curiosity and can motivate students to learn more. It also encourages them to think logically and solve problems on their own.

15 minutes is all it takes…

Government-school students, after undergoing our program and using our product, are able to write programs on a Computer within 15 minutes of gaining access to one. Those 15 minutes are for them to get oriented to typing on a keyboard and using a mouse. Schools, Non-Profits and Governments do not have to wait for Computers to be made accessible to students before starting Computer Education courses, they can start the courses with our product and achieve fantastic results.