“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

– Stephen Hawking

Allow your child to take baby steps into the world of coding, the FUN way!!

Self-paced Learning Toy for kids from 7-99! Anybody can learn to Program using our Kit!

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Coding for kids

Coding (also called programming) is instructing a computer, phone or any computational device what you want it to do. In this age of technology, experts and educators are calling it the ‘new literacy’—a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics of coding!

From being an optional skill to becoming an absolute must, coding skills have grown in importance, rapidly. Learning to code prepares your kid for the world we live in today. There are many professional jobs that use code directly, such as data scientists, software programmers, web developers, and robotics engineers, and even more where knowing how to code is a huge asset—jobs in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, pharma, banking, nanotechnology or Information sciences. According to a study, coding helps kids learn structured and logical thinking, and in the process, improve their IQ by 16 points! Research also suggests that coding enhances creativity in kids by ~90% more than others activities.

Traditional coding requires a lot of typing and involves writing precise syntax. Young learners (kids who are just starting to learn to code) may get frustrated with constant errors raised by the computer while learning a traditional programming language. Visual picture-based block coding, such as Scratch, eliminates the need for typing and syntax. Kids simply connect blocks (one below the other) to create games, stories and animations, allowing them to focus on the logic behind the code. Learning to code has never been easier or more fun!

Kids of all ages can learn to code. The fundamental concepts of coding such as abstraction, sequencing, repetition, conditional statements, loops and functions can be taught to kids of any age or experience level.

The range of products and solutions being offered for teaching coding to kids are quite a few in the market! There are apps, websites, camps, and personal tutors teaching coding for kids, so it’s important to opt for the approach that works best for your child. Also, another aspect to consider while choosing is the price of the product or solution.

Websites like Scratch have development environments, allowing kids to make amazing creations by learning from the community.

ProGame in a Nutshell
"Programming as a Game"

ProGame in a Nutshell
"Programming as a Game"

Click hereA first-of-its-kind Kit that allows a child to start learning to Program WITHOUT a Computer. The kit, for which a Patent has been filed for, includes physical blocks and an Android App. The output of the child’s creativity can be viewed by scanning the blocks using the App. Dozens of learner videos within the App makes it a breeze for absolute beginners to start writing their own Code.

Your Child Will Improve...

Critical Thinking​

Abstract Thinking

Creative Thinking

Algorithmic Thinking

Academic Scores

Awards Won

Selected as an MIT Solver Team

Winner of ElevatED challenge

The AI for Humanity Prize by McGovern Foundation

Innovation for Women Prize by Vodafone Americas Foundation

The GSR Prize by GSR

Hottest TEN STARTUPS and Best Software Product by HYSEA

Best Indian Social Enterprise by AFI

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