Product Info
Product Info

Is your child interested in pursuing Technology as a Career? How would you know?

Allow your child to take baby steps in learning to program WITHOUT a Computer!

Self-paced Learning Toy for kids from 7-99! Anybody can learn to Program using our Kit!

A self-explanatory product that your child can PLAY with and LEARN to Code, all at the same time!

Introducing ProGame
"Programming as a Game"

Click hereA first-of-its-kind Kit that allows a child to start learning to Program WITHOUT a Computer. The kit, for which a Patent has been filed for, includes physical blocks and an Android App. The output of the child’s creativity can be viewed by scanning the blocks using the App. Dozens of learner videos within the App makes it a breeze for absolute beginners to start writing their own Code.

Your Child Will Improve...

Critical Thinking

Abstract Thinking

Creative Thinking

Algorithmic Thinking

Academic Scores