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This is the best coding app, I never saw like this really. It improves the skills of children.


It is very nice and very easy to learn coding without a computer. It is very simple and easy

Annapurna Jodi Teacher, KGBV, Telangana

It is very different education system to learn coding and logical thinking. It is very useful to rural area students for their future

Ramakrishna Tatipelly Teacher, Government School, Telangana

It is a very useful program. It improves logical and critical thinking skills among children.

Abhi Sree Teacher, KGBV, Telangana

ProGame is very easy for students and teachers. Without using laptops and computers, we are coding easily.

Krishnaveni Pulla Teacher, KGBV, Telangana

This is a very friendly app. It is very easy to do coding. This app helps in creative thinking and logical thinking. This is self-learning app and easy to do programing.

suneel kumar siddabattula Teacher, ZPSS, Telangana

Highly recommended for kids who want to learn coding. I purchased this ProGame Kit instead of buying random toy for my kid. Me and my kid both are happy now. He is happy because he is loving the activities. I am happy because he is learning as well as enjoying.

Chandu Sai Parent

Excellent, easy, and interesting coding program for rural students where laptops are not available. It will develop technical knowledge and logical thinking in writing the steps for programming.

T. Tulasi Teacher – KGBV, Telangana

Great experience using this app. Very useful for children, they enjoy while learning. Very informative with simple processes.

Prakki Veera Brahmanandam Teacher, ZPSS, Andhra Pradesh

One of the best apps for kids to learn.

Dhaval Prakash Gupta Parent

One of the best app in the recent days, must try for kids.

Deepthi Gouru Parent

I am a student from K.G.B.V krishna. We learn more in this programme. We did not expect how we can learn coding when computers are not there. We really appreciate this program. I am learning very much in this coding using ProGame.

Manisha Sagar Student, KGBV, Telangana

It's very fun and encourages children to be curious and learn critical thinking and creative thinking. This kit designed to Learn 21st century Skills.

Neelakantha Teacher and District Coordinator, APCOST, Andhra Pradesh

This is good program for students from rural areas and easy to learn

Abid Ali DEO Office, KB Asifabad, Telangana

Super app helps me in coding I can't in words about the app If you want coding then this app is best for you.

K. Surya Teja Varma Student

I like it

Nikon Espiritu Student

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